Awesome cell phones promo but not this time

Last Saturday I went to the mall with my SIL, brother and the kids.  While they are busy picking for school bags for their kids, I am also busy strolling around the gadgets area.  I do not have plans yet of buying new phone, but it is in my thought.  Lol  Anyways, while I was strolling around looking for new and nice cell phones, I saw an awesome cell phones promo.  The phones are so nice and I so like it.  The phone is on plan.  I have to pay it for 2 and half years subscriptions and the phone is for free.  They say it is for free, but I bet it is included in the 2 and half years contract/plan of subscription.

The promo is so tempting I must say.  I really want to apply for their promo because I so like the cell phone but I guess not this time.  I have loads of payment obligations this year, and I do not want to add another one.  I might end up in debt row. Lol  I am pretty sure that there are more promos to come in the future, and more new nice cell phones too.  I will just wait for the right time.  I’ll be just contented with my current cell phone.

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One Response to “Awesome cell phones promo but not this time”

  1. Mona says:

    Me i want camera sana but like you dami ko rin obligation pa . Need to pay the tab pa, haist i hope for more opps 🙂