The electric grill

 photo GEDC1257_zps8941fa1f.jpgIt is my dream to buy stuffs in the kitchen to make the kitchen looks really nice.  Since I am the queen of the kitchen at home, I want to buy nice stuffs and kitchen appliances to make the cooking job easy and fun.  I have seen kinds of kitchen appliances that I want to buy for the kitchen; however, I do not have the purchasing power back then.  I always thought that if I have the money, I am for sure will buy the kitchen appliances that I want.  I know it will happen one day, so I am patiently waiting for that day to come.

A month ago, I got the chance to review a certain product in an online store.  And they give me a gift cheque as a token of appreciation.  I can use the gift cheque when I purchase an item from them.  It took me a month to decide of what to buy because there are lots of nice stuffs in there.  I want to make sure that I like the one that I am going to buy and useful.  Then I realized to buy kitchen appliance.  After browsing, I have decided to buy the electric grill since the family loves to eat grilled fish and meat.  We do not need to use charcoal anymore when grilling.  I am so happy with the electric grill that I bought.  Thanks to blogging for the nice blessing.  The image above is the electric grill that I bought.

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