Need new printer

Years back, I have typing and printing business.  But I stopped when I open small grocery store (sari-sari store) at home.  It would be difficult for me to handle two businesses at once because I am also doing blogging stuffs.  I first gave up my printing business since it is very slow compared to my small grocery store (sari-sari store).  Unfortunately, after two years of handling my small store, I decided to close it up.  I am sad about it because I have invested much to that business; however, it is not earning much because of competitors so no reasons to invest more when I earned less.  I decided to focus on doing my blogging stuffs.

Just recently, the sister and I talked about opening the printing business again. This is because they have lots of printing job at school.  And said, it would be best if we have our own printer and will do printing job at home and got paid by her as well as her co-teachers.  Hearing the proposal makes me smile.  And said, why not try it again.  It would be best to have extra earning aside from earning online.  I am checking the old printer that we have, but sad to say it does not work well, the ink cartridge gone dry.  I tried to put ink and print one but did not run well.  I guess I need to buy new printer to start the printing business.  I hope that we will be able to buy new printer before classes’ starts.

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