Because the washing machine is busted

The timing is not so perfect for me.  I am planning to the laundry but when I went to the laundry area, the brother told me that the washing machine is busted.  OMG!  I have loads of laundry to do.  Though I am used to do hand wash, but I cannot hand wash the brother and my father jeans.  My hands will get really hurt.  Plus I have to wash towel, curtains, and bed sheet.  Because the washing machine is busted, I do not have any choice but to do the hand wash.  However, I cannot do it all at once.  I have to make a schedule.  First, I have to do my laundry, then my father and my brothers, seeing the loads of laundry that I am going to do, make me want to cry.

I am done doing my laundry; next stop is my father then my brothers.  Gosh, I guess it will take me three days to finish my laundry.  And since the weather is rainy, I have to alternate it.  I will do the father’s laundry after my laundry is dry.  The same thing I am going to do before washing the brother’s dirty clothes.  I really miss our washing machine in times like this.  Now I know that washing machine do make my laundry job easy and fast, the same with other high technology gadgets, machines, and the likes.

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