The nice TV in the hospital

We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 in the evening of January 15, 2013.  The BIL and I are waiting in the room while the sister is inside the delivery room.  While in the room, we are enjoying watching movies and shows in the cable channels.  I am glad because even if I am not at home, I can still watch my favorite local television shows.  The hospital was the sister admitted is very nice.  It is like we were staying in the hotel room, with very nice television that is hanging on the wall, big and nice room.  These are the reason the sister still chooses to be in the same hospital when she gave birth to her first son.

Our four days in the hospital is not boring because of the very nice television inside our room.  I say nice because it has an FM Radio feature that allows us to listen to our favorite radio stations.  When we are bored watching movies, we can switch it to FM radio to listen nice songs on the radio station.  To be honest, I did not know that there is television that has FM radio features, if I know earlier, I would definitely buy the same television that the hospital has.  But it is too late, for we already bought our new TV last month.

Are you planning to buy new television?  Try the television that has FM radio feature.

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