New sets of Christmas lights

I was checking at our old Christmas decorations and Christmas light to see if I could still them especially the lights before putting it on our Christmas tree.  I have four sets of Christmas lights but after checking it, only two of them are working.  The other two sets are not working anymore due to broken lights.  Well, I have been using it for two years in a row so I am not surprise if it doesn’t working anymore.  Because the two sets aren’t working, I guess I need to buy new sets of Christmas lights.

The lights from the broken Christmas lights were assorted colors, I thought of buying the same.  However, when I go to the nearest mall, I can’t find assorted Christmas lights that are blinking.  Mostly were only one colors.  I saw an assorted one but it isn’t blinking.  I decided to go to other department store.  I saw one but the price is not that friendly.  If I buy it I won’t be able to buy Christmas balls and other decorations.  I am so desperate to buy Christmas lights because I am excited to put up our Christmas tree.  Because the price of the assorted lights is out of my budget, I instead bought one color of Christmas lights to put outside the house.  I will just put the old Christmas light on the Christmas tree and if ever I find 100 assorted lights that are blinking, I will just add it at the bottom.

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