Downloading musics in my phone

I like listening to music, my favorite love song music to be exact.  I like listening to it when I need to think and I need to be motivated.  Even though some of my favorites are sad love songs, it does inspires me.  Why? Just like that.   Anyways, since I do not have radio in my room anymore I always listening music in my phone.  This is what I like about my new phone, it has radio features plus I can download my favorite songs.  I so love the features of my new phone.  But aside from loving the features, the phone is the fruit of my labor.  The main reason I so loved my new phone.

I have downloaded my favorite love songs of the 70’s and 80’s.  Call me boring but those songs is what I love to listen to.  I have plans to download new hit songs of today though.  I am picking the one that I so like.  The memory card I have inserted in my phone is not that big, so I have to select only songs that are my most favorite.  I just transferred some music from the sister’s phone via Bluetooth.  I have to learn how to download songs from the computer to my phone so that I can download my favorite songs in my phone.

Anyone knows how to download music/song from computer to phone?  Mind telling me how to?  Thanks!

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