Internet connection is acting badly

I know this is not a new post because I have posted about having problem with my internet connection before.  But what I have experience now is worse.  I can’t login and can’t browse a single browser.  I always see this “Connection was reset” in my screen.  I am screaming, uttering bad words, and complaining to my friends about my bat internet connection.  But those does not help at all.  I guess I have to go to my provider to let them aware about my internet connection’s acting badly lately.  I am just worried that they will tell me the same thing.  Yes, I have complained more than once for the pass months already and they just told me that they are fixing the technical issues.  Which I do not know what it is all about.

The thought of they will just give me the same reason, I opted not to go to the providers office.  I just be patient and wait till the window is fully loaded.  It takes minutes really, but there is nothing I can do.  I’ll be going to their office to pay my bill.  I will take the opportunity again to tell them about my internet connection issues then.  I hope they will give me different answer/reason.  And hopefully my internet will be better.

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