The old printer is no longer working

If the sister did not asked me about the printer, I wouldn’t  remember the old printer that we have.  After I have my laptop, I put in the storage room the old desktop and the printer.  I put the printer inside the box to make sure the rat won’t bite it.  It was two years ago as far as I remember.  After the sister done typing her school records, she asked me if I could get the printer because she needs to print the records to give it to the head teacher of the school where she is working.

I took the printer out of the box and start to connect it to the laptop.  Before I start to print, I check first the ink cartridge and the printer’s condition.  I try to print one copy first before doing it all.  But sad to say, the printer eats the paper that I inserted.  The paper stuck and it took us minutes to get the paper.  The printing is not successful after several trying because the printer is no longer working well.  I guess we need to buy new one or bring the printer to the repairman to have it fixed.  If the payment is a bit high, I might as well buy a new printer because sometimes the kids also has assignments that needs print out from the internet.

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