Forgot to bring my camera

Yesterday, we went to the beach because we ‘re invited by a friend on her 60th birthday.  My brother and his family are ready to go as well as my father.  Me? I am still facing my laptop while waiting for my sister to pickup her son.  When the sister arrived, I hurriedly get myself ready because any moment the service will arrived to fetch us up.  I wan not yet done when the service arrived.  I immediately shutdown my laptop, get dressed and put my laptop inside the laptop bag because I will be blogging at the beach.

We we’re inside the car when I remembered that I forgot my camera.  How can I take a photo if I see something interesting to share?  I am so forgetful nowadays.  However, I realized that it is really my fault.  If I put the things that I will bring at the beach early, for sure my camera will be inside my bag.  I should get myself ready so that when the service arrived, I am ready to go.  Well, another lesson that I should learned I guess.  Next time, when I have appointment or go to any occasion, I should start packing early to make sure my things are complete.

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