Sweets for my dearest sister

In a few months, the world will be celebrating mother’s day.  The day where all the mothers out there feel love and cared I must say.  One of the most important person in our life is our mother.  Therefore, they deserves a day that will make them feel special in many ways.  Since mother’s day is approaching, it would be best to find a wonderful gifts for them.  Something that is different from the usual gifts that they have received during this day.  Too bad my mother passed away when I was little but this won’t stop me from buying gifts for mothers because I have my sister who is already a mother.  I am thinking of a store where I can shop for the best mom gifts for my sister.  I wanted to give her something that is sweet.  If your gonna ask me why, it is because my sister is one sweetest person in my life.  She has been so sweet for me even before when we were younger up to now.  This made me decide to give sweets things for my dearest sister.  My one and only sister that I will love always.

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One Response to “Sweets for my dearest sister”

  1. Pinx says:

    wow! new look na pud! sosy!!! love the color!!! ako, i’m a mother too, so what’s your gift for me! hehehe…