Rearranging the living room

I was sitting on the chair and just looking every corner of the house.  I decided to rearrange it again since no one can disturb me because the kids are sleeping as well as my father.  I started moving the chairs, center table, sound system, television and all the things I put in the living room.  I like arranging things when no one is around because no one will bothers me what I am doing.  Especially my father who always disturbing me by asking what I am doing and why I always change the position and the look of the living room.  I just laugh at him and not paying attention to him.

Before lunch I am done arranging the living room and I am happy to see the new look of the living room.  I was relaxing when the father woke up from sleeping and said, “wala ka’y mahimo noh?”.  It is our dialect which means, you are bored I guess.  I just look at him because I am used to it every time I rearrange the living room.  I am glad he is not mad like the last time I did it.  Instead he said, it looks better than before.  Makes me think that he also is bored with the old arrangement of the living room.  I am glad they like the new look and smiled at me.  For the first time, the family appreciate what I did to the living room.


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One Response to “Rearranging the living room”

  1. Mona says:

    Atleast nagustuhan nila … Ako hindi ko magawa yan kasi nakikitira lang ako eh ..