Letter from my niece

One day I visited a friend’s house.  I saw her daughter playing different games in the computer.  The games are educational and it is helpful for the kids who are just started learning.  I thought of downloading it to my computer so that the nieces can play and learn.  After downloaded the site in my computer, I showed to the nieces the games and on what to do to be able to get in the site and play.  My intention was good because I want them to learn more.  I love watching them playing because I can tell that they are thinking and making analysis on what to do next.  Apparently, there is bad thing about it because when they are playing, they are not listening to what I say.  Which makes me mad and thought of deleting the site in my computer.  I told them that if they wont listen, I will delete it in my computer but they did not listen.  I want to show them that I am serious,so I deleted it in my computer.

I was cleaning the house when I saw a paper that is fold.  I am curious, so I open it and read what is written on the paper.  I was surprised to see that the letter is for me and it was from my niece.  In the letter, it says there that she is angry of me because I deleted the site and she is hurt that I do not want them to play.  The letter made me smile and regret that I deleted it.  But doing it is the best thing to show to them that I mean what I say.  I hope that the niece understand what I did and realized why I deleted it.


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One Response to “Letter from my niece”

  1. Mon says:

    for me its cute dinaan sa letter eh .. btw, how long ba bago mag approve ulit sa EC my 3 blogs pending ako eh.