Have to work double time

I haven’t been here for days because I am not feeling really well.  Because I have flu, I’d rather sit down or lay down to rest rather than to face the computer and use my not working brain to make a post.   Yes, this is how badly this flu is attacking me.  I do not have the energy to do my stuffs online because I am keep on sneezing and coughing.  Plus my eyes are teary.  Makes me very lazy to stay online.  Though I am online, I am not in the mood to do my stuffs. Smiley

I am feeling better now and ready to blog again.  Because of being absent for days, I have to double my effort to make blog updates to give my readers and visitors new post to read.  Though it is just a simple post, I made it with love and passion.  I felt so sorry for I haven’t been here to update my blog.  This blog is so dear to me because this is my first ever blog and has sentimental value. SmileyAnother year is over and another year of blogging.  I will work double time to keep this blog updated for you to keep visiting and give some of your time to read my post.  Happy New Year Everyone!  A bit late greetings and I am sorry for that.

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One Response to “Have to work double time”

  1. Tina says:

    Happy New Year Dear.. looking forward of reading more post.. Happy that you are well now.. sus ako pud dugay na wala mga update.. wala na jud opss.. 🙂