The surprise present

Yesterday was the first birthday celebration of my nephew.  And one of the invited visitor is my friend who happens to be the godmother of my nephew.  I did not expect her to come because of the rainy weather and also we did have a miscommunication few weeks ago.   But she did come and I am so glad to see her.  My happiness was double because she gave me a very nice present.  I am so surprised and so happy of the present she gave me.  The present is a beaded headband that I so wanted to buy for myself.

Because I am so excited of the surprise present, I try it after she left to go home.  I was stretching it to put on my head when the tie that connect the rubber and the beads breaks.   Smiley  I do not know what happen.  Maybe my head is too big for the headband or the tie is not that strong.  I felt like crying seeing the present that I got on Christmas day is broken.  I am trying to fix it but I do not think I can fix it anymore.  I just keep it in my drawer and I hope I can fix it one day.  I am so sorry my friend that I broke the present you gave to me. Smiley

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  1. Pinx says:

    aawwssss… kasayang..