Listing the Christmas Menu

In two weeks time, the world will be celebrating Christmas day Smiley.  One of the important holidays that people celebrates.  In this time of year, people are busy listing of what would be the best menu for that day.  Also, listing menus for the Christmas parties.  The most love holidays by many because there are lots of foods on the table to share and also more gifts to give and received.  I must admit, this is one of my favorite holidays because I can feel the love, sharing and giving of people.>Smiley This is the kind of holiday where families are gathered together.

This year, the family will celebrates Christmas without my younger brother.  He just moves out of the house without telling us.  We are sad however, it is his choice and we respected it.  Anyways, this Christmas I am a bit busy listing the menu that the family will share.  We want it different this time.   For the past years we always have pork and chicken in our menu list.  Having it over and over again is a bit boring that made me decide to try the sea foods.  Aside from it is not so meaty, it is healthy and perfect for my father.  My Christmas menu list is done and I am so excited for this menu twist.Smiley

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