Friendship Bond

My friend and I have been friends for more than a decade.  I value the kind of friendship that we have because despite there are several misunderstanding, we are able to surpass it.  It is not easy because we are so opposite, but with the love and care, our friendship lasted for more than a decade and still counting.   I can tell that she is my comforter, my strength and my best friend who will always be there for me through thick and thin.  Though we seldom see each other nowadays, still the friendship grows strong because our communication is still there.

On our 11th year of being friends, I am thinking of buying us a friendship bonds.  Something that will keep our promises to be friends till our hairs turns to grey.  I guess it would be best to buy Tungsten Rings for both of us.  It symbolizes the lasting friendship.  This would be the best gift that I could give to my dear friend this holiday season.  I intend to give it as a surprise gift for her.  The ring is unique to me and perfect as our friendship bond.  I am so excited to buy this ring for both of us.  I am pretty sure that my friend would love this because of the uniqueness of the ring.  It is so perfect for all kinds of relationships

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One Response to “Friendship Bond”

  1. Elvirah says:

    Friendship is such a beautiful relationship which is like carrying a treasure all along our life. There is no better person like friend who selfless to keep the bond forever.