Fooled by the new nanny

I was away for 3 days at home because I have to accompany my father at the province.  He has an important matter to do that is why we abruptly pack our things after the brother was checked out from the hospital.  I am worried because no one will look after my 11 months old nephew.  I am glad the neighbor offered to look after my nephew while I am away.  I was at the pier when the sister sent message in my phone telling me that they already have a nanny.  The nanny approaches my BIL while at work.  And because they are badly in need of a nanny to my nephew, they immediately hired the new nanny.   We are happy because it has been two months since the first nanny decided to go home.  At first I thought it is a blessing because the nanny came when I am away.  The worries of the sister of who will look after her son fade when the unexpected nanny came just in time.  The only thing that bothers my sister is that the nanny brought her daughter with her.

 After two days of working, the nanny told the sister that she will go home so that she could leave her daughter at their place for her to concentrate on her chores.  Since she does not have money, the sister gave her money for her to go home.  The sister believes in her promised to come back however, the promised is broken because the nanny did not show up yesterday.  She does not send message to my sister and BIL nor call their phones.  Sad to say, I think the sister was fooled by the new nanny.  She just needs money to go home.  Her applying for a job is not really for real because she has her motives to just get enough money for her and  her daughter to go back home.

It was one of the bad experienced of my sister, because she was fooled by the new nanny.  However, by looking at the bright side of it, it is better to lost money than one of their valuable things at home or something bad happen to the nephew.  Lesson learned; never give your 100% trust to the person who just knows.

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