Phobia of the needle

I am wondering why my brother does not want to go to the clinic every time he feels pain on his body.   He always says, it is nothing and there is nothing to worry about because he is fine and that he only needs more time to rest and sleep.  And since he knows what his feeling because it is his body, we just agreed to him.  Lately we noticed that he is complaining of the pain he felt at his back.  The family is so worried, that is why I told him to accompany him to the family’s doctor for check up.  However, the pain he felt is getting worse to the point of rushing him to the hospital.

At the hospital, I discover that the reason the brother do not want to go to the clinic is because he is afraid of needles.  He has phobia back when he was seven years old at the school that is having a free vaccination.  That incident made him afraid every time see needle injected in his skin.   I just knew it just recently when he was confined at the hospital.  The funny thing is that when the brother saw a needle, his face turns very pale.  The nurses and doctors are having a hard time to inject medicine because he is uncomfortable.  The good thing is that the brother is conquering his fear of needles

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One Response to “Phobia of the needle”

  1. Chie says:

    Luoya pud no? I understand how ur brother feels sis whenever he sees a needle for I was once like that, kakuyapon. I was like that. I hope he’ll managed to get away from that phobia. School vaccination,i used to hate that