Watching my favorite movie for the fifth time

My all time favorite movie to watch is the Dirty Dancing the classic version.  I so love this movie after seeing it the first back when I was still in high school.  Though do not know the story of the movie, I still watched it because of the beautiful sound track.  Yes, I am so in love with the soundtrack.  Back then, I promised to download this movie once I have the chance to do it.  It was a dream comes true because I now have my own laptop and can download any movie I want.  And of course, the first movie that I downloaded was the Dirty Dancing movie.  I fall in love with this movie over and over again now that I understand the real story of this movie.

I have watched this movie four times already and I cannot get enough of this movie.  Tonight, while me here in the hospital watching my sick brother I decided to watch the movie since I am not sleepy yet.  And again, I am so excited even if I already watched it.  This movie never fails me; I always have a smiling and happy face after watching this movie.

If you have not watched this movie yet, try it once and be in love over and over again.

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