Tempted to buy a new laptop

I was doing my window shopping the other day to get an idea on what would be the best gift to give to my family.  I was heading to the RTW area, when I saw a store which sales different kinds of computers and laptops.  I decided to drop by and see those laptops and computers.  The laptops are so nice and not so expensive.  In fact I like one of the laptops there and almost bought it.  I am glad I am able to control myself.  Sometimes I am impulsive buyer and I hate it because after buying the thing/s I have a bit regrets.

I spent more than hours at the mall and was not successful in my window shopping because I spent more time thinking of the laptop that I so liked.  I was thinking of buying it as a gift to myself, however, what I am going to do with my other laptop?lol The laptop that I am currently using is the fruit of my labor online so it would be to difficult for me to just give it  away.   I will be using this laptop for long because this one has sentimental value to me in my blogging career.wink!

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