Becoming so talkative

The nephew is growing so fast and showing development each day.  Lately, he is becoming so talkative.  It is so cute listening to his baby talks.  I have watched the three kids of my brother growing up too but this little bubbly son of my sister makes me smile a lot.  He is so much I can tell like his mother.  He is very observant and will imitate after.  This skill of his makes him so lovable kind of kid.

His parents used to teach him the word “MAMA” and “PAPA” and these are the words that he always uttered.  Aside from that two words that his parents has taught him, he has his own baby talks that I love to hear because it is so cute.  The nephew has loud speaking voice that makes the house a bit noisy.  What makes it so funny is that my two years old nephew is following what his cousin is uttering.  He wants attention that is why doing what his cousin is doing.  I have to kids uttering baby talks that filled my ears.  Sometimes I videoed the two kids speaking baby talks and showed it to their mothers.   And it is the ten months old nephew that is so talkative.:-)

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One Response to “Becoming so talkative”

  1. Pinx says:

    makalingaw jud na ana nga stage sa life sa bata gen when they learn to speak na…