Broken door knob

I am gaining more weight and I am becoming a strong woman because I broke our door knob.   I was angry because I cannot locate the key to the bathroom door.  I twisted it many times until the door knob is broken.  I am so sad that I was not able to control myself.  It was my brother who was the last person using the bathroom and accidentally locked the door.  My angriness fades after seeing the broken door knob.  And also hearing the loud voice of my father who is angry of what

It is very true that if we are angry we have to just be calm down and control ourselves.  Let us not be carried away by our emotions because we might do something that we will regret in the end.  I learned my lesson from what had happened.  And I have to replace the broken door knob with new one.  I pay for the damaged that I have cause.  It is too bad I have to take some money from my savings.  I have to replace it sooner or else my father will not stop reminding This is the culprit because I was carried away by my emotion.

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One Response to “Broken door knob”

  1. Mona says:

    Naku minsan kahit sbhin na mag calm down hindi ko macontrol talaga emotions ko lalo na at galit ako. Buy na lang new one para hindi na magalit si father.