Love the features

Indeed that when something is taken away from you, it will replaced with something better.  I say it so because my new phone is better than the lost one.  I was so sad when my phone was stolen.  But now I am fine because the kind of phone I have right now gives me many reasons to smile.  Aside from the cute look and the wide screen, the features of my new phone rocks.  It has several of features that will makes you fall in love with this phone.  I am still sad though for the lost one because it is the fruit of my online labor, but there is nothing more I can do to bring it back.

My sister told me that I should be happy that my phone is lost because my phone now is so beautiful.  To me it is the unit that counts, what counts to me is the effort and time to save to buy something from our money that earns in a very hard way.  I just charged it to experience and enjoying my new phone because I so love the features of it.  I will take good care of this phone because it is my father who bought this phone.

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