Second chance of life

The family is sad after receiving a message in the phone that my cousin had a motorcycle accident.  My cousin is a careful driver and not drive so fast and I wonder why he got an accident.   We are so worried about his condition but we are glad because his condition is not that serious.  He just got a slight injury, some bruises and swelling on her legs.  Nothing serious but if you were to look at him you will feel sorry for him and you will feel the pain.  Though he is smiling and said he is fine, we knew that he just want to ease the worries we felt especially to her wife who is so scared of what happened to him.

It is a blessing that he is still alive and can be with his family.  In a month, he will be fine again and can do the things that he does.  He is indeed given by God a second chance to enjoy the beauty of life.  The family is so thankful that his condition is not so serious. I pray that when he fully recovers, he will find time to thank God for the second chance of life and also he will take extra careful next time.

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One Response to “Second chance of life”

  1. Chie says:

    sad to know about what happen to your cousin sis. accident really is unavoidable in the road even by those careful drivers. it’s good your cousin’s okay now..