The Door is Fixed

After two consecutive Sundays, finally our door is fixed.  The handy man with the help of my brother place the new door that my father bought.  Even though the handy man is busy, he still give some time to come to our house and fixed the door.  It is good to have a friend who is a handy man because they will for sure come for a help.  Of course we paid handy man for two Sundays of service.  The handy man who happens to be the family friend, always satisfies us.  His job always puts smile on our faces especially my father who always looks for him every time there is something to be fix at home.

Now that the door is fixed, my father’s next project is to put tiles on floor.  As he said before, we have to take it slowly but surely.  Making the house a home sweet home.

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One Response to “The Door is Fixed”

  1. Pinx says:

    wow! if makalaag mi Davao soon, paanhaa nya mi sa inyong mansion ha?? hehehe…