Victims of Typhoons

The country was hit by two consecutive typhoons last week.  After the typhoons are gone, the distraction leaves a very sad situation to those victims of affected areas.  Many are glad because typhoons are gone but looking at the affected areas in a flooding situation makes the people felt sad.  Many properties were destroyed, the reason some evacuees cannot go back to their homes.  It is not new to the Filipino people because it happens when a super typhoon hits the country.  The good thing is that there are volunteers who are willing to help in rescuing the victims.  There are groups who send their helps by giving relief goods, clothes and money.  It is good to know that there are groups and individual who are willing to help when the situation likes this arises.

Indeed, people who have the kind hearts give their help in times like this.  Helping one another is the best thing to do, to show that we care and we shared our blessings.  The victims gained their strength and determination to go on with life with the help they have received.  Properties can be build again, what is important is that they are alive and still with their families.  God bless us and keep the faith for these trials are part of the wonderful life  we have.

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