Practicing him how to swim

One of his frustration is to become a swimmer. Did not able to pursue it because of financial issues.  He does loves to swim a lot that is why he is now practicing all his kids to swim.  While at the beach, tPhotobuckethe father is teaching his son on the basic form of swimming.  The flipping of the legs and the floating.  My nephew so like it a lot and do not want his father to stop from teaching him. lol  I can see the determination on my nephew’s face even at a young age.  He likes to float and just catching up with his breath after.

Step by step, he will learn how to swim soon.  He is only two years old only.  Still young and a long way to go to I hope he will learn what his father is teaching him.  And who knows, he will fulfill the dreams of his father to be a swimmer.  Since his dreams are passes to his three kids now.  Though he is not expecting for a bigger one, at least by learning what he is teaching them are like winning a gold medal in a swimming competition.wink!

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2 Responses to “Practicing him how to swim”

  1. Pinx says:

    one of my many frustrations gen, swimming… i really don’t know how to swim…sadness

  2. Russ says:

    He is doing a good thing. Very important for children to learn to swim. And very rewarding for whoever is doing the teaching. Keep up the good work.