Babysitting Day

I am happy after hearing that the kids will be going to their aunt’s place because their grandfather arrived from the province.  I was laying down resting because the house is so quiet when my sister coming in with her baby.  She will be having a seminar at their school for whole day and she wants me to babysit her baby for today.  I cannot say no to my sister, so I end fully awake the whole day.  I did not able to take a nap because the nephew is not feeling really well and keeps on crying.  This is the reason why my sister asked me to babysit her baby because the nanny is nervous when the baby is sick.  And she feel at ease if the baby is under my care.

Today is one of my tiring days, but I love doing it for the family.  Plus I love being with kids.  I have to monitor the temperature of the baby, have to make sure that I give the medicine on time and make sure that I feed him well.   As advised by the pediatrician to give the nephew small frequent feeding to avoid vomiting.  I am glad that the baby is feel a bit better this evening and is now sleeping peacefully.  I pray that the nephew will get better by tomorrow to lessen the worries of my sister.

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