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I am so happy after reading in one of the paid site that I have joined for a year that I qualified for this month payment.  This month would be the seventh payment that I receive from them.   I am so excited because I needed the money for pay my internet bill.  Every other day I keep on checking my account and counting of the days left for them to send me the payment.

I checked again tonight to see if they already pay me because they said to send the payment not later than September 15.  I am trying to log in tonight to see if they were going to send payment tonight.  I am sad because I did not able to log in after several times the display says, my account is inactive.  I am so frustrated and so I tried to contact them.  After sending my ticket, the display said ‘ user doesn’t exist’.

After the lost of my phone today, there is another problem that I have to face.  I hope I will be able to solve this new problem that I have because I really needed the money.

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