I have Eight!

It is like yesterday when I created this blog.  My very first love to write my thoughts, ideas and everything that goes in my mind.  After months I created another blog to write more of certain things.  Every time I have a good topic that I wanted to share I created a blog.  Being in blogosphere for almost two years, have given me more ideas and topics to share so I created a blog one after the other.  Just recently I am creating a new blog and was surprised to see I already have the eight blogs. Gosh!  I did not noticed it until today.

I can see myself doing this stuffs for long because I am hooked with this blogosphere thingy.  I so much love it because I am able to express myself, learned from other bloggers post and gain more virtual friends from other side of the world.  I am so thankful to one person who is persuaded me to do blogging.  She is so kind and I owe a lot to her.  I never thought I would come this far and able to manage eight blogs.  It is not easy and I am always out of topic and things to share but still do it because I love doing it.

To my reader, followers and visitors…I ask from your good heart to visit and follow my newborn baby blog.  You can see it HERE.

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