A day of rest

When I am not able to log in yesterday morning, I thought my net provider is fixing the internet connection because of the wind the passed night.  I waited for hours and I still can connect.  I just decided to have my morning nap and will be back checking if my net is okay when I wake up.   I was checking in the afternoon and was shocked after clicking the ‘connect’ button and the display says my net connection was terminated.arghs!  I am mad because I did pay my bill two weeks ago.   Still have to go to their office the following day to clarify things and have my net connection back.

To not be pissed off about what happened to my internet connection, I just call my day yesterday “A day of Rest”.  I seldom get enough rest since I do blogging thing.  I am very busy babysitting and at the same time blogging.  And since I do not have net connection yesterday, I took a long nap when the kids had their nap.  It feels really good to have hours of nap.  I feel well rested yesterday and it’s been awhile since the last time I did it.  Losing my net connection is not bad at all because I did get hours of rest.  A good day of rest for me.

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2 Responses to “A day of rest”

  1. Pinx says:

    at least naka rest ka.. ako ani, endless chores, mommy duties, plus gw, plus blogging! saon na lang gen, 10 man kabuok ang kamot! hahahaha!