Grow Apart

I did not know how this “Grow Apart” really mean is until I know someone whose been in this situation right now and decided to end the marriage.  They were so in love and married young.  Of more than a decade of being together and happy, they suddenly felt they grow apart.  I am confused of how this grow apart happens.  After hearing the story, I understand why they have to end their marriage.  To her “Grow Apart” means lost the interest, want to spend some time alone, felt choked and lack of communication.  Felt like they were strangers to each other.  Sad but it is true and it happens to a family friend.

Thinking about what had happened to their marriage, makes me realized that communication is really the key to make the relationship/marriage and the couple grows together.  Knowing their interest, sharing their life out the house, work and their interest.  It is best to talk always to know each other feelings and that to make the feeling for each other grow even stronger.

Sometimes in our life, we tend to forget our love ones because we are busy at work and forgot to be with them and talk to them.  Indeed, communication is needed to understand each other, comfort each other and knows what our partner been through.  I learned a lesson from this experience and I hope to apply it in the future.

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