Pink Friday #18: Presents from UK


Last month, a friend visited the country after a year of being married to an English man. She is a common friend of my sister and me for years already. We are so excited because we missed her so much and finally will get to see her husband for real. And also the much awaited presents from

The photo above is the picture of the presents we received from her, straight from UK.  The talc are mind and the books are for my sister who is a big bookworm woman.  I did borrow the pink one.:-)

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3 Responses to “Pink Friday #18: Presents from UK”

  1. Ang cute ng book mo. Pink din! I like hehehehe…

    Thanks for playing Pink Fridays Sis!

  2. Jessica says:

    Hello Sis G,
    what a sweet friend you have, nice presents too, used to be a book reader here but stopped, visiting you back form PF. Take care.

  3. Mel Cole says:

    Nice book though I don’t know the author. am not so bookish 🙂 hehehe, Visiting from Pink Fridays.