Missed the Grand Slam

The much awaited game seven of the Philippine Basketball Association is today.  And it has been ended two hours ago.  I am excited for my team but seeing how they played tonight makes me sad.  I can see that the game is not for them and.  And the dream to take grand slam this year has been snatch.  In fairness to my team, they are trying their hardest to win the game.  The game is really not for them because three of their top players are injured but still they put up a good fight tonight.  It is sad to a fans like me but that is part of the game.  There can never be two winners in every game.

My favorite team did not able to win the game and missed to grab the grand slam.  Better luck next time for them when the team is complete and injured players will get better.  There are tears on the players face because they so wanted to bag the grand slam but it was not given to them.  Their opponents are giving their best also.  It was an excitement game for both teams.  Two of the strong teams in the conference.  I am pretty sure they will see one another again in the next conference and may the best team wins.

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