Lost her umbrella

Lately, the city is showered by lots of rains almost every day.  My nieces doesn’t have umbrella that is why sister is buying two umbrellas for them.  So blessed because their aunt loves them so much to always think of what they needed at school.  I told my sister to bring the umbrella for them because they are so forgetful especially when they are busy playing.  Three weeks later after the purchased of the umbrella, it was lost.  My sister is so angry because when she asked her where her umbrella is she just said ‘ I don’t know’.

It is so frustrating that she is careless of her things.  No matter how much we remind her to be attentive to her things, still she is careless.  Because she lost her umbrella she will have to share umbrella to her sister.  My sister won’t buy umbrella for her anymore to give her a lesson.  I wish she learned lesson from this so that she will take good care of her things.

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One Response to “Lost her umbrella”

  1. gagay says:

    papalit pod unta kog apil!