Tied the Series

Basketball is my game and I am so happy that my team tied the series to 1-1.  My night is complete after seeing the team winning the game.  I am a big fan of Philippine Basketball Association for years and Talk n’ Text is my team.  They are now in the final and its race to seven.  I am sad last week because the team loss the game 1.  Today is game 2 and I am praying that they will tie the game.  An answered prayer I must say because they snatched the game two and they ties the series.

It was a very exciting game two of the final season because the game is so physical.  One of my favorite players was kicked out because of committing two technical fouls.  I thought they will not get the game because one of the ace players is out of the game.  But I was wrong because the team mates are so inspired to win the game after their ace player was kicked out.  Kicking the ace player out of the game gives a reason for the team to do their best.  It was a blessing in disguise I must say because the bench players are doing their hardest to win game two.  It was paid off because they win the game.  Counting on game three and I wish that the team will snatch it again and win the championship.

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