Called for help

I was playing with my nephew early this evening when my neighbor called me.  I am hesitant to come at first since we are not that close because seldom go out of the house.  When I came closer to her, she asked me if I can help her on how to start up her computer.  She doesn’t know where to put those wires and afraid that it will explode if connect it wrongly.

I am pleased to call for a help by a neighbor.  I did try my best and just remember what connection I did to my desktop.  Thanks to God that I am able to connect all the wiring at the back of her computer.  It is a good feeling really to help someone even just a simple one.  Seeing the smiling face of my neighbor and a thank you word is very uplifting.  She is smiling when I go home and excited to sit down in front of her computer.

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One Response to “Called for help”

  1. Mona says:

    Yah it’s true ganda ng feeling kapag alam mo nakakatulong ka even in a simple way.. Thanks girl dami mo na rin naitulong sa akin… About the sticky post no need heheh ginawa k lng para hndi matabunan yon post ko will remove the sticky thing in a few days 🙂