Have my watch repaired

The last time I wear the wristwatch my sister-in-law gave to me was four months ago.  This is the one and only jewelry that I have for a long time now.  This watch is special to me because it was given to me by the person I did not expect to give something for me.  I am wearing it one day it went dead.  I do not know the reason why so I just keep it and promised to have it check once I have the money.  I am glad that I am blessed the past weeks and I am able to save the amount of money needed for repairing my wristwatch.

Now, my wristwatch is as good as new.  Thank you Lord for the blessings for without it I won’t be able to save money for this.  I miss my watch very much and since it is okay now, I’m going to wear this one everyday even if I am just at home just to cope up from months of not wearing it.lol  It’s good to see it on my wrist I swear.  And when someone asks me what time is it, I can answer it now.  I have been asked many times and my answer was sorry I do not have a phone.  Now, I dare you people to ask me what time is it..:-)

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