Celebrating her 40th Birthday

Today is my sister-in-laws 40th birthday.  I did not able to greet her this morning because I woke up late and she is gone for work.  Later this afternoon I send her message to her mobile phone asking about her plans as it’s her special day today.  She just laughed at me and said not plans because no money.  I felt sad for her so I am thinking of a little surprise for her tonight.  I talk to my sister and brother about my plan.  We contributed a little amount of money to buy foods for dinner.

We are so happy to see the smile on my sister-in-law’s face after seeing the foods we prepared on the table.  After she arrived I set the table to get ready for dinner.  We started it with the praying and singing happy birthday to her the foods are waiting for us to taste them. It was indeed a successful little surprise for my sister-in-law’s special day.  Nothing beats the simple dinner with the whole family and wishing her the best in life.  It is a simple celebration but memorable one.

Again to my sister-in-law, happy birthday to her and wishing her all the best in life.  God bless and good health.

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One Response to “Celebrating her 40th Birthday”

  1. anne says:

    kabuotan jud nimo hehehe