Mellow Yellow Monday #34: Looking at the Beach


This photo was taken two weeks ago when we went to the beach near our village.  Early in the morning my brother woke me up and said we will go to the beach.  Good thing because I feel like swimming because of the hot weather I wanted to stay in the water for long.

The photo above is a friend of mine who was seriously looking at the big waves.  I find it cute so I took a picture without her knowledge.shhhhh I am pretty sure she will be surprise after seeing herself in my blog site.:-)

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4 Responses to “Mellow Yellow Monday #34: Looking at the Beach”

  1. Luna Miranda says:

    how i wish i live near the beach and i could just run to the water when i wake up in the morning.:p i think your friend was mesmerized by the waves.

  2. Marites says:

    she looks quite pensive. I wonder what she’s thinking about. my MYM is up too.

  3. Kim,USA says:

    Grabe naman ang pagmuni-muni nito hehe. Missed the beach waves in Pinas! ^_^


  4. anne says:

    Abi nakog ikaw, moingon unta ko namayat lagi ka hehehe