Meaningful Presents

Receiving an unexpected presents are very meaningful to me.  I like the thought of surprising me of the things that I do like.  To me it is an unforgettable moment knowing that someone has surprised me with a present.  It makes me feel important and special to them of that effort because it takes love and care to someone to come up with giving presents anytime we want.  It is like giving and doing the best things in life to someone who is very dear to us.  It is overwhelming and good feeling after seeing that gestures plus knowing they give to us the things that we are dying to have.

To give back the favor, I would also like to surprise my sister with jewellery and gifts on her birthday.  I seldom do it because I do not want what to give to her since she has all the things she wants.  Plus in the family, she is the one who always give gifts to us.  I want to make her feel special and loved by us that is why I am giving the best gift she could ever have.  To me it is the thought that counts.  So coming from the bottom of my heart, I am pretty sure that she would love my surprise presents for her.  This is a meaningful presents she ever received.

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