Furniture for the Reception

As the school year got started, we are busy finalizing what are the things that we need to add in our school. My boss would like to get some cabinet and additional chairs and tables, because the numbers of students are getting bigger. He suggested some plastic tables and chairs that are good for one student only. However I don’t find it useful and beneficial in general, because it would be easily get broken and we could not used it in any event of program that we are going to have for the whole school year.

Moreover, we are investing in the reception furniture that would make last long, not only for the entire school year but also for the upcoming school year. Aside from that, I would also like to have tables and chairs that can be useful for our program like for the Christmas Party or United Nations, in that case there is no need for us to rent tables and chairs. After explaining it to my boss how beneficial it is, my boss immediately agrees on me. For the meantime we are still using the old tables and chairs, can’t wait for the new ones to arrive.

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