Secretarial Job

I used to work in the office way back but I did not last long because I do not like it.  I feel that I don’t belong there so I resigned and look for another job.  Seeking a job nowadays is very difficult because of the numbers of unemployed individuals.  I do not have any regrets after leaving my job though, because to me it is hard to stay in a place if you are not happy.  It is like a torture, right?

Just recently, a family friend is offering to me a secretarial job.  The salary is good and I want to grab it but I have a second thought of accepting it or not.  I did not answer yet because I need some time to think about it because I do not want to disappoint the one who is offering me the job.  I have thought of, what if I will not be happy on the job and decided to leave?  I do not want to create a misunderstanding if I am going to leave the job.  At secretarial job is not easy, I have been there and I can say it is very tiring with all the paper works.

I need some advice here, would I accept the job offer or not?  Thanks!

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