Cooking School

I was invited before by a friend to enroll in a cooking school since I love to cook.  I really wanted to but my situation is not allowing me to do so.  I have to nurse my father who is sickly and at the same time babysitting my brother’s kids.  It is a good opportunity for me because it is for free but I let it slipped away.  I have regrets but I just look at the bright side of it that my family needs me the most.

I just contented myself watching cooking show on television.  It really inspires me and I wanted to try those recipes they are cooking but my resources is not enough plus I did not able to list the recipes and on how to do it correctly.  I still wish to be enrolled in a cooking school for me to develop my cooking ability.  I am not a good cook but wanted to be one someday.  It is free to dream that is why it is still in my dreams and I pray it will come true one day.  If there is another offer, I would surely grab it to make my dream come true.  I pray there is.:-)

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