Cheers Everyone

I have been invited by friends for a night out but I always turned it down because I do not drink liquor.  I have tried drink once at our house and did not try again after that because I have and allergy.  My skin turns red and it is very itchy.  I then decided not to drink any other liquor again because I don’t want to suffer the same allergy that I had before.

Since I had an allergy drinking beer and rum, I tried drinking wine for the first time at the birthday party of my friend.  The taste is different compared to beers and I like it.  I am glad that I do not have an allergy after drinking wine.  Not so boring life I must say because I can enjoy myself drinking wine while others are drinking beers or rum.  I have tried other wines and now I am so intrigued by this la rose gadis.  New to my ears and the name itself speaks for something.  I would love to try this one day for me to taste this intriguing wine.  I am pretty sure that I would love this one and will be drinking this more often. Cheers everyone!

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