Pawning her Laptop

I was having chit-chat with my sister when the neighbor came to me and asked me if she could pawn her laptop to me amounting to 1,500 pesos (more or less $38).  It is a perfect timing because I need to bring my laptop to where I bought it to be repaired.  I am having problem with the blower/fan of my laptop.  I already brought it to the store but told me to leave it there for a week for them to fix it.  I cannot afford to leave it there because I won’t be able to do my online tasks so I bring it back with me.

The neighbor proposal is perfect timing but turned down to be not because she will redeem her laptop after four days.  Not enough days before my laptop will get fixed.  I negotiate with her because I am interested for my laptop to get fixed but she did not agree.  A bit sad but I have to say no to her.  I wanted to help her because she needed the money but I wish she could help me too.  She said no to me and so I said no to her also.  The transaction is

Once my laptop is fixed, I might check out distance education
opportunities. There are many choices online for affordable, quality
courses, whether you are looking to for MCP certification or get your
bachelor degree on line.

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  1. Mona says:

    tama .. wag n nga lang hehe …