Sound Check

Listening to radio is what I like to do. It makes me feel relax listening to my favorite songs that is played on the radio.  I always requested my favorite song to be played.  Sometimes I visited the radio station to request personally and at the same time seeing my favorite DJ.  It is good to hear the cool voice of the DJ.  I wonder if the reason of their cool voice is because of the equipment they are using.  They have very high technology equipment in front of them to check the sound and the songs they are playing.

One of the best DJ equipment they are using is the Akai mpk49 because it really give good sound.   A must have equipment for every DJ who played songs on the radio.  Though I am not a DJ, I am planning to buy this equipment one day for my brother.  He is into different music gadgets a lot.  A frustrated DJ I must say.  Nothing is wrong with that because it is free to dream.  Even if he is not able to make it come true, at least he will have this equipment that makes him feel he is a DJ even just at home.

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