It's good to be back

I am sad for I was not able to do my online stuffs yesterday because my net connection had problem.  It took me hours to wait for it to come back but didn’t.  My day yesterday is not complete for I did not post an update for my blogs.  Good thing that this morning when I open my computer and check for my net connection is it now connected. whew!  It’s good to be back I must say because I am doing my online stuffs now and updating my blogs.

Though this issue is not new to me, still it makes me angry because seems like I missed one half of my life.  Facing computer has become a part of my life and so without internet connection is so frustrating.  I should be used to it but I cannot.  I understand though that weather is not good that makes my net connection going on and off.  I hope tonight it won’t because I still have lots f update to finish.

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One Response to “It's good to be back”

  1. J-mie says:

    gosh, i know exactly what you mean. Our connection has been weird lately too. I understand that we need rain but like you I wish it would not affect our internet connection. hope you had a great weekend.