Cry no more

Today my six months old nephew is scheduled to have his final DPT vaccine.  My sister and is preparing the milk and his little toy to stop him from crying because he cries a lot from his previous vaccine.  Surprisingly, he did not cry when the doctor injected the vaccine.  Good boy right?  I guess he is used to it and do not want to cry anymore.  Now that he is finished the basic vaccines that he needs, we will go back again for his measles vaccine when he is nine months already.  Nephew will have at least three months of rest before another vaccine to be injected in his leg.   Good boy baby Jaycee for not crying, be ready for the next schedule.:-)

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2 Responses to “Cry no more”

  1. chiewilks says:

    that’s a must for babies. ang sakit pa nmn ng measles vaccine. the most painful one i had was when i was in grade six

  2. Pinx says:

    Baby Job is scheduled for his BCG vaccination tomorrow, so there will be a loud cry tomorrow afternoon…